Ode to Newfoundland is the official provincial anthem of Newfoundland and LabradorCanada. John's during the closing of the play Mamzelle on December 22nd, Krippner, a German bandmaster living in St. John's but Boyle desired a more dignified score. It was then set to the music of British composer Sir Hubert Parrya personal friend of Boyle, who composed two settings. On May 20th,the Ode was chosen as Newfoundland's official national anthem. Three decades later, inthe province re-adopted the song as an official provincial anthem, the first province to do so.

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The Ode is still sung at public events to this day as a tradition. Typically, only the first and last verses are sung. When sun rays crown thy pine clad hills, And summer spreads her hand, When silvern voices tune thy rills, We love thee, smiling land. We love thee, we love thee, We love thee, smiling land. When spreads thy cloak of shimmering white, At winter's stern command, Thro' shortened day, and starlit night, We love thee, frozen land.

We love thee, we love thee We love thee, frozen land. When blinding storm gusts fret thy shore, And wild waves lash thy strand, Thro' spindrift swirl, and tempest roar, We love thee windswept land. We love thee, we love thee We love thee windswept land. As loved our fathers, so we love, Where once they stood, we stand; Their prayer we raise to Heaven above, God guard thee, Newfoundland God guard thee, God guard thee, God guard thee, Newfoundland.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ode to Newfoundland Sheet music produced for the debut of "Ode to Newfoundland" in Canada portal Music portal.

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In Poole, Cyril F. Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador. John's, Nfld. Retrieved 29 December Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.Tamra and Bill Tasche E. Our passion is to produce puppies that have a purpose! They are bred to be great companions and family members first, but are also capable of working as therapy or assistance dogs, performing in the field retrieving birds, competing in agility trials, Dock Diving,Disk Dogs We plan each of our top quality yellow, black and chocolate English Labrador puppies with genetic soundness, temperament, confirmation and work ability in mind.

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anthem labradors

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Carefree Hwy Phoenix, AZ Visit Us At.Key was inspired by the large U. The poem was set to the tune of a popular British song written by John Stafford Smith for the Anacreontic Societya men's social club in London.

With a range of 19 semitones, it is known for being very difficult to sing. Although the poem has four stanzasonly the first is commonly sung today. Beforeother songs served as the hymns of U. Their objective was to secure an exchange of prisoners, one of whom was William Beanesthe elderly and popular town physician of Upper Marlboro and a friend of Key's who had been captured in his home. Beanes was accused of aiding the arrest of British soldiers. At first, Ross and Cochrane refused to release Beanes but relented after Key and Skinner showed them letters written by wounded British prisoners praising Beanes and other Americans for their kind treatment.

After the bombardment, certain British gunboats attempted to slip past the fort and effect a landing in a cove to the west of it, but they were turned away by fire from nearby Fort Covington, the city's last line of defense. During the rainy night, Key had witnessed the bombardment and observed that the fort 's smaller "storm flag" continued to fly, but once the shell and Congreve rocket [6] barrage had stopped, he would not know how the battle had turned out until dawn. On the morning of September 14, the storm flag had been lowered and the larger flag had been raised.

Key was inspired by the U. This flag, with fifteen stars and fifteen stripes, had been made by Mary Young Pickersgill together with other workers in her home on Baltimore's Pratt Street. The flag later came to be known as the Star-Spangled Banner and is today on display in the National Museum of American Historya treasure of the Smithsonian Institution. It was restored in by Amelia Fowlerand again in as part of an ongoing conservation program.

Aboard the ship the next day, Key wrote a poem on the back of a letter he had kept in his pocket. At twilight on September 16, he and Skinner were released in Baltimore. It was first published nationally in The Analectic Magazine.

Much of the idea of the poem, including the flag imagery and some of the wording, is derived from an earlier song by Key, also set to the tune of " The Anacreontic Song ". Absent elaboration by Francis Scott Key prior to his death insome have speculated more recently about the meaning of phrases or verses, particularly the phrase "the hireling and slave" from the third stanza.

According to British historian Robin Blackburnthe phrase allude to the thousands of ex-slaves in the British ranks organized as the Corps of Colonial Marineswho had been liberated by the British and demanded to be placed in the battle line "where they might expect to meet their former masters.

The American forces included African-Americans as well as whites. The term 'freemen,' whose heroism is celebrated in the fourth stanza, would have encompassed both. Others suggest that "Key may have intended the phrase as a reference to the British Navy's practice of impressment kidnapping sailors and forcing them to fight in defense of the crownor as a semi-metaphorical slap at the British invading force as a whole which also included a large number of mercenaries.

Key gave the poem to his brother-in-law Joseph H. This was the official song of the Anacreontic Societyan 18th-century gentlemen's club of amateur musicians in London. Nicholson took the poem to a printer in Baltimore, who anonymously made the first known broadside printing on September 17; of these, two known copies survive. The song quickly became popular, with seventeen newspapers from Georgia to New Hampshire printing it. Thomas Carr's arrangement introduced the raised fourth which became the standard deviation from "The Anacreontic Song".

Washington Irvingthen editor of the Analectic Magazine in Philadelphia, reprinted the song in November By the early 20th century, there were various versions of the song in popular use. Seeking a singular, standard version, President Woodrow Wilson tasked the U. Bureau of Education with providing that official version.

In response, the Bureau enlisted the help of five musicians to agree upon an arrangement. The song gained popularity throughout the 19th century and bands played it during public events, such as Independence Day celebrations.

A plaque displayed at Fort MeadeSouth Dakotaclaims that the idea of making "The Star Spangled Banner" the national anthem began on their parade ground in Colonel Caleb Carlton, post commander, established the tradition that the song be played "at retreat and at the close of parades and concerts. Lamont issued an order that it "be played at every Army post every evening at retreat.

Inthe U.Bred together, they produced our first homebred champion inCh Lobuff's Dandy Lion. All three dogs won many Best Of Breeds and accompanied us on many family dog show adventures up and down the east coast. We bred Cognac four more times and had champions from each litter but her last two litters, bred to Ch Spenrock Heatheredge Marinershe produced two very important dogs for our breeding program, in Ch Lobuff Seafaring Banner Banner and in Ch Lobuff's Tequila Sunrise Kiki.

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anthem labradors

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Tragically, they were killed in an accident in Ode to Labrador is the regional anthem of Labrador. Written by Dr. Harry Paddon in[1] it is generally sung to the melody of O Tannenbaumalthough alternate melodies have been proposed. Sent to serve the remote reaches of Labrador by the London board of health, Paddon eventually switched allegiances to his fellow Labradorean countrymen and women, and sought to aid in their political mobilisation with the Ode.

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The symbolic significance of the Ode is further bolstered by the fact that Labrador's definitive boundaries were only determined that very same year. Labrador's motto, munus splendidum mox explebitur, comes from a line in the song "their splendid task will soon fulfil'. Dear land of mountains, woods and snow, Labrador, our Labrador. God's noble gift to us below, Labrador, our Labrador.

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Thy proud resources waiting still, Their splendid task will soon fulfil, Obedient to thy Maker's will, Labrador, our Labrador. Thy stately forests soon shall ring, Labrador, our Labrador. Responsive to the woodsman's swing, Labrador, our Labrador. And mighty floods that long remained, Their raging fury unrestrained, Shall serve the purpose God ordained, Labrador, our Labrador. We love to climb thy mountains steep, Labrador, our Labrador. And paddle on thy waters deep, Labrador, our Labrador.

Our snowshoes scar thy trackless plains, We seek no city streets nor lanes, We are thy sons while life remains, Labrador, our Labrador. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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